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It is probably fair to say that most women in the UK own several pairs of shoes. We like to buy them because we need different styles, colours and materials to coordinate with our different outfits and to wear on different social occasions. We also like to buy them because shoes always fit, even if we have lost or put on a little weight. We can be bold and daring in our choice of shoes even if we are more reserved in our choice of clothes.

Our love for shoes is perhaps only exceeded by our desire for designer shoes – shoes that have real flair, glamour or simply good quality fabric and stitching. Amongst shoe designers, Nicholas Kirkwood is perhaps best known for his playful, flamboyant designs of shoe.

Nicholas Kirkwood does have a few sensible shoes in his collection: shoes that you can wear to work or out for a casual night with friends. For instance, his Bragail loafers, chunky black patent leather Equador shoes and Curacao and Beatle ankle boots would all be practical, comfortable and entirely within HR rules on workplace dress. Each of those styles do have subtle little markers, though, that nod towards Kirkwood’s flair for glamour, from the quirky little angular structured heel of the loafers and hexagonal jewelled strap on the Equador to the glamorous gold block heel or stud detail on the ankle boots.

But the heart of his collection lies in the detail of the intricately designed eye-catching beauties such as his Latin sandal (ankle-length, black beaded loop design teamed with a narrow, gold coloured high heel) or his Glitter Lace-Up sandal (knee-high, white beaded loop design that hugs the calves and leaves most of the foot exposed). His designs are seductive, made with materials and designs that are more often associated with lingerie than footwear. His black Lace Bootie or red Lace Pointed Court designer shoes manage to strike a delicate balance between allure and feminine prettiness that make them equally suited to be worn on a romantic date as to a semi-formal social occasion.

Nicholas Kirkwood is a talented designer and craftsman who clearly know what women want to wear on our feet. He has been designing footwear since 2005 and his list of celebrity fans is extensive: all of them feminine, beautiful women who love to wear strikingly beautiful shoes, from Rihanna to Miranda Kerr and Tilda Swinton.

He is now branching out into making shoes for men – he already designs and makes his own shoes, so watch this space.

Meanwhile, take a look at some of his designs from his women’s collection that are available at Harrods. Your shoes really do complete your outfit and a well-made pair of designer shoes can do wonders for the shape and contours of your legs, giving you an instant confidence boost whenever you step out in them. Then all you need to do is arrange for a few lovely evenings out to show them off!

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