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This will be a timely post for me because yesterday Diana Stalder had an event yesterday which unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend. I had a bad asthma episode again and my new medicine makes me super dizzy every time.


Prevention is better than cure but it is easier said than done. When we see age spots, wrinkles, scars, and other skin problems that’s when we start digging into our creams to cure the problem hoping that it is not too late.

I’ve been hearing a lot of experts saying that start your skin regimen as early as your 20’s or once you have exposed your skin to the sun.

As we age it’s hard to maintain our skin’s youthful appearance. Our cells degenerate and certain vitamins and minerals naturally found in our skin deplete.

Thank goodness for topical creams out there that can save our day.

To have a youthful and radiant appearance one should be present in our skin – Collagen. It’s a protein that gives the skin structural support making it look firm and smooth.

It fills in wrinkles, Improves Acne scars, and improves sun damaged skin.

For some topical creams are okay because the skin condition is manageable others needs injectable or even microdermabrasion to cure the problem.

Good thing for Diana Stalder they have topical collagen which acts as moisturizer and sunblock too.


I must admit I am not consistent when it comes to skin care in the morning. I prefer sleeping more than waking up and piling up products.

I got this from the first event I attended with Diana Stalder. It costs Php250 for 15 grams and available in Ivory and Beige.

I got Beige if I am right but there is no difference because it doesn’t gives color to the skin. It is really more of a plain moisturizer. Even if it’s tinted I cannot classify it as a tinted moisturizer, BB Cream, and foundation.

It looks thick but it is very light.

It is like air whipped inside the jar.

It smells like a flower or if you know “Mena” or “Placenta” it has a similar smell.

It’s not heavy on the face. Your face will feel moisturized after application.

It also feels like silicone too.

The only thing I don’t like it the jar container for hygiene purposes but I believe that they changed the packaging into tube making it more hygienic.

If you won’t let it dry before applying other products it will run off your face.

So I guess skin care really takes time.

I didn’t not experience any side effects nor breakouts using this everyday so I guess I will continue using it.

Very quick?

Happy Monday!


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