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Date Stamp: January 26

My friend Aldous (aldouseatstheworld.com) invited me for a casual blogger dinner at The Pilgrims in Makadios Street corner Maginhawa Street, Quezon City.

I have to state the address because Maginhawa street is one of the places in QC where you’ll find different food sanctuary.



When I first saw the signage outside I thought they served Thai cuisine because of the elephant. Later that night while talking to Chef Dennis Tan it was inspired by the elephants from Cambodia and he love its country’s heritage.

The name of the place was also inspired by the location – Makadios. A pilgrim is someone who travels to a holy place, so when you are in Makadios you become a pilgrim. Brilliant!

The overall vibe of the place is rustic, it has street lamps, old metal chairs, and abstract paintings. The place is actually the warehouse of the building.


My only comment about the place is the space, it’s a bit narrow. I forgot to ask if it’s the actual arrangement or if the tables were like that because we are a big group. I hope they’ll have bigger space.

The food they served is unique and adventurous. I also considered it healthy because they cook in oven, makes their own sauces and dressing, uses smoking technique to add flavor, and herbs.

Here are the dishes we tried.

IMG_1994 Special of the Month “Pilgrim goes to Southeast Asia” Baked Packet St. Peter’s Fish P220
I do not eat Tilapia, it depends on my mood. It’s not the fish that I will look for if I am craving for a fish dish but this entrée was cooked beautifully. The tilapia is stuffed with lemongrass and the coconut rice complimented it. If it’s spicy it’ll be more delightful.

IMG_1995 Bacon Wrapped Prawns P320
This is my favorite! Who will say no to hickory smoked bacon in Paprika béchamel? The prawns were fresh and not over cooked.

IMG_2002Khmer Green Curry P195
I am not a fan of curry and it’s my first to try it with fish and veggies, it’s delicious not too strong compare to the usual curry dish we cook at home.

IMG_1993 Aussie Rib Eye Steak with Green Peppercorn Sauce P320
I think if this was cooked in Medium Rare I will enjoy it more but the green peppercorn sauce it awesome. The pepper was not strong and it gives subtle flavor to the meat.


IMG_1997 Baby Back Ribs by Mr. T P380
This is my favorite! One of the most flavorful baby back ribs I’ve tasted. The flavors were overflowing and the BBQ sauce, you gotta taste it. You may choose your sidings either parsley rice, roasted potatoes, stir fried veggies, french fries or grilled corn.

Of course they also have starters. One must try is their Chicken Fingers (I lost photo) I am recommending it because of its breading – rice krispies. It’s something new for your taste buds.

IMG_1992 Oven Brick Hot Wings P190
First time to try smoked chicken, it’s better than buffalo wings. It’s tender and not too spicy, perfect with beer.

IMG_1998 Waywurd House Salad P160
They have good selection of Salads too. Didn’t know that Basil Tarragon dressing is refreshing.

I notice that some salad sidings have mint too, my favorite herb!

They also have healthy fruit shakes like this one.

IMG_1999 Sublime P80
So refreshing blend of watermelon, cucumber, and lime – certified thirst quencher.

And lastly, the omelette station.

For only P190 you get to have your personalized omelette as you choose the egg, filling, cheese, and bread. Yum!

They also have imported beers and wines so if you happen to be in the area and wants to unwind this place is perfect.

Surprisingly, everything in the menu is affordable so you don’t have to worry. You get more than you pay for.

I’ll definitely come back for the wine and baby back ribs!


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