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Hooray for a restaurant/diner post. I am in the middle of contemplating whether I should still keep this little space alive because I cannot longer maintain it. But the main purpose of this blog was really to capture my memories, the digital version of my diary.

Enough drama! It is my third time in Denny’s the first two was in BGC when my first visit was only a glass of Mojito and the second one was a dinner with friends (photo below)

My third visit was in Trinoma for a dinner celebration with the husband. From my previous post you will see that we celebrated his birthday with a staycation and we went out to get a bath bomb and dinner.


He ordered this Bourbon Burger which I snatch some bacon, my closeup cannot justify how huge it is.


As for me, I got myself a Bistek Terderloin. I also ordered their lemonade (cause I love lemonade) and then husband got his beer.


I love Denny’s because they offer all day breakfast, not to mention Filipino Breakfast, yay! And then pancakes, lots of varieties. Their establishment has screens hanging around the area with sports shows on it, I figured out, that’s the purpose of the burgers, beers, skillets, and nachos in the menu. They have more offerings than I could type in this entry. By the way, they are part of the Bistro group so if you have the Bistro card you can enjoy member perks and discounts.

Since they are 24/7 in BGC, most likely, I will see myself going back for another round of Mojito!


BGC: Uptown Parade, 38th Street
Trinoma: Level 4, Garden Restaurants

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