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Gluttony strikes again for me and bf as we dined Chinese last Friday. I was eyeing for another Japanese but he said I just had Jap for lunch.

So we ate the following…

1. Fish Ball Soup


The fish balls just melt in your mouth and you can taste the vegetables and other ingredients while sipping the soup. I am speechless. We chose this not just because it’s the inexpensive soup in the menu but we want something like Shabu – Shabu. We made the right choice.

Tip: Put Chili Oil for a kick of flavor

2. Lechon Macau in Rice


Since we cannot decide what viand to share we ordered rice toppings individually. I had this Lechon Macau – I always play safe when it comes to food (especially when hungry), I seldom try a new one.

3. Spicy Spareribs in Rice


He ordered this, BF told me that this is better eaten alone, with beer, rather than with rice.

4. Garlic Kangkong (Water Spinach)


Since I ordered pork, I also ordered vegetables to balance my meal. I don’t like the idea I read in an article that pork and beef stay on our colon. So we need to eat vegetable to sweep them out.

They have big servings so the price for each meal is reasonable. This is not my first time to eat here, BF’s family loves to dine here every after Sunday Mass or just a casual dinner.

His Father always order Lechon Macau. In love

I like the one liter iced tea too. They used the Paul Masson bottle with a wooden stick to stir it.

Surprisingly, they already have Mann Ang which offers local cuisine. So if you feel like eating Chinese or Filipino or both you can run to this place and eat.

I hope you are enjoying my food adventure.

Until my next food date,


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