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If you follow my Instagram account and this blog, you probably know by now that I love Japanese food. Katsudon, gyudon, Tempura, sashimi, maki, name it I will eat it.  For my date night, we wanted to try Ramen, so when we saw that Ramenagi has available chairs (cause it is always full).  It looks fast food from the outside, but it’s a casual dining place. The color motif is red, your typical Japanese.  Their menu is mostly Ramens plus the usual Japanese donburi and side dishes. Once you know what Ramen you will get they will give you this.

ramenagi menu

From here you can customize the soup base by adjusting its richness, the amount of special sauce, amount garlic, what meat they’ll put (pork belly or shoulder), kind of vegetable, and the level of spiciness.

After 10 to 15 minutes your order will be delivered.

I ordered Butao King (best seller) and beau ordered Red King (spicy).

ramenagi tonkatsu

ramenagi red king

Our verdict 

The customization gave you freedom on how your Ramen is going to be. It’s a thumbs up because each person varies taste, some want it spicy, rich, and so on. The pork is so tender, I couldn’t argue with that. Their service is fast for a freshly cooked dishes plus the staffs were nice.

The look and feel of the place is like a typical Japanese casual dining, customers come and go. It is situated at the main building of SM North Edsa, perfect place cause that place is busy.

Will I come back? Yes of course.

If you love Ramen, visit Ramenagi.

Ramenagi Manila (Facebook)

SM Aura 8286793 | MOA 5502394 | SM North 3740503 | Robinsons Magnolia 4701356 | Robinsons Manila 3535067 I Greenbelt 3 7505616 I UP Town 9905438 I Podium 6965875

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