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If you go over with my makeup hauls  you will see a lot of ELF Products since it is available in beauty counters nationwide and it is affordable you can easily promote it.

Not that I do promotion for ELF Cosmetics – how I wish I do, then I will be doing series of makeup looks using their products hahaha I am day dreaming again.

Going back, having quality products in the market that won’t break our piggy banks is great for school girls and for me.

Posting photos online is my hobby, so one time I posted about the Maven Event I attended and a high school friend commented.

Here’s the screen shot of our conversation.


If you remember my first post on ELF where commenters teased me to be an ELF Ambassador, I recruited my sister and colleagues.

As always what’s for me might or might not work for you.

See I am a bad influence to them, I belong to the clique where majority of individuals are home body and nerdy, Introducing make up to them gives me an idea that I have a good convincing power. haha

I am quiet satisfied that through this blog I am helping other girls to get out of their closets and feel good about themselves.

I believe putting makeup is not for the sake of being pretty in front of others, it’s for our own image knowing that we exert effort to take care of ourselves. When we feel good about ourselves it shows and no other makeup can do that.

Let us spread beauty and let us spread love.


P.S. Are you one of my friends/readers/followers who tried/bought something through my blog? Please let me know below. I am excited to know all of you and feature you here.

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