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I used to hate browns and prefer blacks and grays for my eyes but when I recently got the L.A. Colors (will review soon) 6 color eye shadow from the Maven Loot Bag few months ago, I changed my views about browns and neutrals.

My impulsive buyer inside me quickly browse Dollface’s store, my trusted palette brand and hit check out.

This time I got a neutral palette.


As always Pearl is very quick to answer my queries and processed my orders right away.

Dollface Neutral Palette

The boyfriend told me that the colors are redundant but the truth is they may look the same but they have a different texture. There’s satin, matte, and shimmer.

The shimmer eye shadows are the most pigmented and the light colored matte ones are not really, you need a primer to make the color vibrant.

The different browns can be used as contour or brow color. The creams and beiges are great for highlight.

I like that there are pinks, corals, and even powder blue in the palette. This palette is flexible for different skin tones as well as for the effect you want to have.



The only thing that I didn’t like when I opened the package is its new packaging (I am not sure if it’s really new) but it’d become lighter and flimsy. Compare to my other Dollface palettes I owned this one is the most fragile. This is the kind of plastic when exposed under the sun will become more brittle and break overtime.

It still looks sleek and elegant except for the feel.

By the way, I also purchased their Dual Ended eye shadow brush.

Dual Ended Eyeshadow Brush

As it’s only Php175 when purchased along with any palette.

This might be my last palette for this year. I might not know anymore where to use it. haha

Who wants a makeup party?


P.S. I just realized I forgot to take the swatches. Oh well I will make series of looks for this one. Smile 

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