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Back to reality! I am now traveling Laguna-Manila-Laguna and I am really early, now I am really sleepy. I had the most wonky connection in our new house and I cannot borrow our laptop from my brother. Ugh!

Here’s another review I have. This is my second palette from this brand which I found the owner very friendly. Her name is Pearl and the brand is DollFace which is based in Cebu.

I really want to have an e/s palette because trios/duos are too many to have in my vanity so I searched the internet where to buy. I saw Coastal Scents in Amazon and EBay and since we have problems when it comes to imported products I dismissed the idea.

I searched Multiply and I found Dollface, I browsed like ten times until I decided to buy the 78 Vanity Palette V2 (I will review immediately). After a year I said I want shimmers and glitters because most of the e/s in the first palette was satin and matte

I paid via PayPal and the package was delivered to me quickly.

Dollface 42 Shimmer Palette

Dollface 42 Shimmer Palette

Let’s enumerate my comments about the company, the people, and the product.

Founded in 2008, DollFace Cosmetics is the pioneer in selling quality makeup palettes and brushes at very affordable prices in the Philippines.

Like what I mentioned above it is hard to risk buying outside the country because of the problems we encounter in the Philippine customs so I am very happy that there’s a company here in the Philippines who sells similar and even better products.


I have developed a fear buying online because I was victimized by an online seller selling NYX Products. As for Dollface they reply immediately right after they received your order, they will send the invoice and will give enough allowance for you to pay.

Their multiply account is easy to navigate and the FAQ answers all the questions you might have in mind.


I am a little embarrass because I always harass her with questions and queries but she is really kind to answer everything. I am considering her as my online buddy (feeling close).


Price Php 950 via Dollface Multiply Account


(+) I like how sleek the packaging is, I even like the font they used. The ingredients and other information is neatly placed at the back of the product.

(–) It comes with three brushes. The two small brushes is okay but the brush in the blush, I really don’t like it if it’s intended for the blush. It looks like a watercolor brush to me. A foldable blush brush I think is suitable for this in replace with the two e/s applicator.

(–) Some colors are similar to one another, especially the light pink, purple, and white.

(+) The rest are very pigmented. Sample below.


Super best for night makeup.

(+) Minimal fall outs. It sticks to the skin right away. You don’t need more product to get the color.

(+) Great color selection for the blushes.

(–) For blush: Some colors are too powdery and when you used a larger blush brush the pigments transfer to the other.

Overall, I like the product so much and I used this more compare to the first palette I bought from them. I want to have other palettes from them but I am controlling myself because I do not use the product as often as a professional MUA.

Also, those who do not want to buy online they are available in Purebeauty in Serendra, some The Ramp, Crossing stores, and dealers. You may visit their FACEBOOK to learn more about their products.

You may also like to check the FOTD I made using this palette to see how the product is when applied to the eyes.

This is too long to read so I am cutting it here. Smile



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