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I just exchanged thoughts with Michelle of Mic’ Mic’s Corner regarding this soap and last week I received the other variant of this soap (Haul Post).

I am not sure if this variant is available in the Philippines but let me share my thoughts about this famous moisturizing soap.

Although is not from here it still has the same packaging as the Dove soaps that we have here.

The signature embossed logo is still on the soap, front and back. The soap has a little yellow tint unlike the original one which is super white.

I noticed that this is quite harder than the Dove that we have here and I also noticed that this is slightly bigger. I have to check with the local Dove soaps again but this is four ounces equivalent to 113 grams.

This has a different scent also, shea butter to be exact.

Since I have six of this, my rooms smells like this whenever I enter especially if I open my cabinet to get stuff.

As for the bathing experience, we all know that Dove is hard to rinse. Well this soap surely have the same quality but I notice that if I use warm water to rinse it, the feeling is less soapy.

I hope there’s a Dove Lotion for this to layer the smell and moisture as this smells so divine. Well at least I love shea butter, my sister said she gets dizzy every time she smells this.

All in all, if you want to hydrate your skin and be gentle to it use soaps like this. My OB-GYN even recommended the unscented variant of this to wash my private area (and J&J Baby Bath soap). She said that she prefers mild soap rather than the commercialize feminine washes out there.

How about you ladies? Do you share the same thoughts about Dove Soap?

Let me know below.


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