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My friend Eyah asked me to buy a contact lens and come up with a look. There was an going clearance sale that time and we scanned the choices.

Each was just Php99 unfortunately the original lens that I want is no longer available. It was reserved for someone else. But Eyah was insistent and we found ourselves getting the CPA 6 (am I right? LOL)Contact Lens

We ordered Friday and paid via PayPal and the package arrived on Monday. That’s fast transaction, isn’t it?

I like the handwritten note by Val. I felt important.

Dull to Doll offers wide array of lenses they even have beauty products as well.

Contact Lens

The lens came with its normal packaging. She said that I need to soak them in a new solution for six hours before using.

Contact Lens

I can just use this until September 2013 that is why it is on SALE. I don’t mind because I don’t see myself wearing this kind of CL (Office Girl eh?) .

Dull to DollAlthough my eyes really have a grade (75/25) I still got the Plano for makeup purposes.

Dull to Doll

It comes with a free case too.

What I noticed about this, it is not as soft as my real contact lens.

If you clean it properly before using your eyes will not be irritated. I suggest to put the lens first before the eye makeup or for makeup transformation, before mascara. Sometime it’s hard to pull the lids away from the eyes if the makeup is there. How to place contact lens

Check out the makeup I came up with for you to see how it looks like on my eyes.

Dull to Doll

Dull to Doll_look

I thought it will contrast with my real eye color but it intensified.

Doll Makeup

I played with my hair color. Does purple looks good? LOL

What is your stand in wearing contact lenses on makeup looks?

Let me know below.

And let me know if you want to see a tutorial on this look.


Want to get this lens?

Check out their Facebook >>here<<

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