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Most prom here is celebrated every February and all girls are giddy about it. I remember cutting out pictures from magazines and then make a collage in a notebook where I can browse it every night until the big day comes.

But my prom was never memorable because my dad was the one who shopped for my dress. What I have in mind was a purple Cinderella inspired dress but my dad got me a sleek royal blue dress with slits on both sides. I wanted to seem sweet and dainty but instead I looked seductive, LOL that was my conclusion.

There was no online shopping before and the internet is not available in most houses. You need to allot one day to shop for a dress for special occasion sometimes one day is not even enough.

Through the years the trend for dress change, old designs come back and other designs become more daring. You may notice that I’m begging you search designs by year like, prom dresses 2013 or 2014 but this does not mean that you should follow the latest designs. There are things that you need to consider when getting a dress. You should carefully look at your skin tone and your body type because a design will not fit everyone. You should pick dresses that will stress your best assets not your flaws. You should also pick the color that will compliment your skin color, a color that will brighten up your whole look and not outshine it.

If I were to pick my dress again and if I am sixteen again, I would still go for sweet and innocent looking dress. I do not want anything provocative. Thanks to www.dressfirst.com I can check out various designs (and confuse myself) for that special day.

Here are my picks.

A-line or balloon cut dresses compliments any body type while the color blue is perfect for night events. I do not like my prom dress to be white because I feel that I look like a bride.

How I wish there is a time machine and get this dress for my prom several years ago.

Who is excited for prom nights?


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