Elf Lip Primer & Plumper


Do you want your lip color to stay longer?

Do you want your lips to look fuller?

Is your lips suffering from discoloration?

If the answer is YES then read on…

Today I am going to share one interesting product that I found months ago. It’s the ELF Lip Primer & Plumper I got curious about the plumper part that is why when I saw it I bought it.

ELF Lip Primer-plumper

This product is included in the ELF Studio line (the one with black packaging).



There is nothing fancy or ugly about the packaging. It’s a black tube, rubberized finish, slimmer than the ELF Eye Shadow Primer and sealer.

The box contain the general information you need.

ELF info


ELF Primer

The lip primer looks like a concealer stick (in beige). The shape is similar to a lipstick.

ELF Plumper

While the plumper looks like a lipstick (shape) too but it is more like an unflavored lip balm. But it has menthol and there’s a little bite when you applied it. It is cinnamon flavored.

ELF Swatch

I can only swatch the primer because the plumper is just a balm. elf lip primer

Elf Primer Sample

I hope you noticed the difference. The primer made the color a little lighter and it’s moisturized. As we all notice the color of a lip product depends upon the base color of or lips and if we are acidic the color changes more.

The Thumbs Up What you might like!

  • Neutralizes the lip color
  • Makes the color of the lip product pop
  • Makes the lip product last longer
  • The plumper moisturizes the lips

The Thumbs Down What you might NOT like!

  • The lip primer is not sturdy. Mine broke already (as well as my lipstick and eye primer)

Others / Neutral

  • I didn’t notice any plump on my lips. Maybe because my lips are thick to begin with.
  • I am 50/50 with the price. It’s not a staple for a kit and you can just use your concealer to prime the lips.


  • Exfoliate the lips to remove dead skin cells.
  • The packaging says that you apply the plumper after BUT I will recommend doing it the other way. Apply the plumper first to moisturize the lips.
  • Then apply the lip primer. Since mine broke I used a lip brush to apply it.
  • Shape your lips using your desired lip liner/pencil.
  • Finally apply your lipstick.
  • Blot excess product with tissue or oil blotting paper.
  • You can also use the primer to tame a bright-colored lipstick.


Wrap Up

The truth is…  having this added an extra minute or two in my routine that is why sometimes I skipped using it all. I like the product as it is (I am a fan of menthol). I like using it with a matte lipstick to add moisture and to make precise application.

So there you go, I hope I gave you an idea about the product.

Do you own one? How do you prime your lips?





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