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Eskinol Pimple Fight Facial Wash • 100 grams • Leading Drug stores, groceries, and department stores nationwide • *price to be updated*

Being a beauty blogger and at the same time die-hard makeup enthusiast there are some disadvantages – making your skin prone to acne, chemical reactions, and worst, allergy. There is one product in my regimen that I rarely interchange with others, it’s my facial wash/cleanser. I have an acne prone skin, only one night that I forgot to thoroughly clean my face, I have a zit right away (mostly on my cheek and chin).

I’ve used Eskinol since high school. I’ve tried a few other brands and some didn’t work.

Below are some facial wash I have tried over the years. Some worked perfectly and some did not.

facial wash

Disclaimer: For explanation purposes only. Listed products on the right does not mean it is ineffective. It just didn’t work for me.

Let me share my current facial wash.


From the outside

This facial wash comes in a green squeeze tube. The color of the tube depends on the variant. All the description you need to know is on the tube. The opening is found at the bottom making it easy to dispense and consume until its last drop.

The only thing that I don’t like with the packaging is that overtime the cap flap (if I named it right) become loose thread and you cannot close it properly making the product spill.

Product says



product info

From the inside

  • The product is a white creamy lotion which creates a very rich lather.
  • It smells very clean.
  • After rinsing your face you will a cooling sensation (refer to the feeling of Head Shoulders Shampoo and PH Care Cool Wind, hihi) 

The Thumbs Up

  • Locally available
  • Affordable
  • Fights and prevents pimples
  • suitable for teenagers and adult
  • Removes dirt and oil thoroughly

The Thumbs Down

  • The cap. Maybe they should replace it with a sturdy plastic. 

Wrap Up

I like this facial wash so much. I keep trying other brands but I keep coming back here. It removes dirt and oil on first wash. It doesn’t sting and it prevents skin imperfection. I also use their facial cleanser to maximize result.


  • Avoid the eye area
  • Pea sized amount will go a long way
  • When choosing a facial wash read the label and choose what suits your skin best.
  • If irritation occurs or your acne got worse stop usage
  • Wash your face at least twice a day. If you have oily skin don’t wash your face more than twice as it will trigger to produce more oil. Use a blotting sheet to remove oil, spray a  mist or toner, and retouch with powder.
  • To be pimple free, make sure to get enough sleep, drink lots of fluid, and sweat.

I hope my quick review gave you an idea about the products available in the market and my tips help you.

Tell me what’s your facial wash? Have you experienced breaking out in some brands? 

Should you want to see more post about skin care please free to send me a message or comment below.


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