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essence eyeshadow base

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essence i love stage eyeshadow base

Sometimes it is not the eyeshadow, it’s the base. Not all of us were born with flawless lids, meaning, its color is same with the rest of your face. Poor me, I suffer from hyperpigmentation because I have constant allergy, my dark circles are the villains to my makeup routine. Of course, the beauty industry invented a solution – eyeshadow primer. 

In the Philippines, I remember it was only 2013 when I found a base available in the department stores, the famous one is so expensive and not available in the Philippines. When Essence came into the picture, they offered wide array products for an affordable price. Their eyeshadow base became my instant favorite.

Packaging wise, it’s simple, I don’t argue with it at all. It has no smell and the consistency is thick. It’s almost like a foundation in a tube with a doe-foot applicator. One dip is good for both your lids, sometimes, I tend to put too much.

What I do with it is I let it completely dry, about, 15 – 30 seconds, applying it evenly. Once dried, I apply the eyeshadow in a patting motion, then blend the usual way. This base will make the eyeshadow last throughout the day.

My lids are not really oily that is why it worked magnificently on me.

Do you use bases for your eyeshadow?

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