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If there’s a product that is neglected in your kit for over years now it would be the lip liners. Due to time constraint in most of our mornings we just pick up lip balm or lip stain or lipstick to add color to our lips. We never notice the additional advantages that a lip liner can do to the whole look.

To name a few, lip liners make the lipstick last longer, it shapes the lips, and they are more pigmented.

Today I will be reviewing my new lip liners that I bought from Essence. If I will count my lip liners I only have four including this.



Php79 • Essence Counter • Watsons / Department Stores


It looks like the normal lip liners in the market. The color of the body depends on the shade that you are getting, meaning what you see is what you get. The labels are embossed in gold: Brand Name, Product Type, Shade Number, Color Name. The cap is color silver for accent with the Philippine distribution sticker.



It was sharpened when I got it. It smells like a Mongol Pencil with the looks of a Faber Castle color pencils. It tastes like clay for me.


I got the shade Satin Mauve and Cute Pink both of them are matte. Below is the swatch of the two lip liners.

IMG_2045Cute Pink looks like a baby pink with a deep blue undertone. This is  ‘your-lips-but-better’ for gals who have a fair complexion and this will give an oomph for gals who have medium to dark complexion. A safe lip color for all skin colors.

Satin Mauve however has a more purple color. Although this is a great color to start with if you have dark pigmented lips like mine (given that I am acidic) the color will change. I looked pale after applying this lip liner.

The Thumbs Up

  • Pigmented
  • Matte Finish
  • Super Affordable
  • Comes in different shades
  • Locally Available

The Thumbs Down

  • It smells like a color pencil
  • It melts and it is super soft. Almost similar to a lipstick
  • Easily breaks when used

Since this is too soft to become a lip liner, I will now use this as a regular lip product. Once it breaks I will just use my finger to blend the product.  I like how pigmented it is that is why the smell didn’t bother me at all.

It’s super affordable that is why I will still get the nude and the red shade of this.

If you are new to lip liners you better check the nearest Essence counter and see for yourself.



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