Etude House Color my Brows #3

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Etude Color my browsSupporting my previous post which is the Etude House Drawing my Brows its partner makes way to perfect your stubborn brows. If you will just fill them in, your brow hair tends to weigh down towards the day.

This is my second brow mascara, I notice that it’s very rare to find local brand for this, so I used a clear mascara to tame my brows. Unfortunately, my clear mascara looks icky after several use.Etude Color my browsThis little product doesn’t just set the hair in place but instantly colors it based on your preference. You know, when your hair is light you could have dark brows or vice versa. It could also save you if you have filled your brows to dark, you can use a lighter brow mascara for that. IMG_9553If you will take at the wand closely, you’ll see it’s thicker at first and goes thinner at the edge. This helps with the precision of your application, making sure that you don’t apply too much.

Dark colored brow mascaras can be worn alone, especially if you want to do a more natural look. This product is small and fits your purse perfectly.

Since it’s new I still cannot predict if it will dry quicker; so to make the most out of this product never get the product by inserting the wand in and out, what you can do is shake the tube before every application or twist it between your palms.

I heard there are new comers in our local makeup collection can you share if you’re using one of those already?


Psst, we came to the end of February and this is a scheduled post. I am so proud of myself. harhar


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