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Etude House Drawing my browsI am sure you will agree with me if I say that an eyebrow can make your face brighter at any given time. It’s easy to to face a gloomy day with a well-filled brows. And for us girls, the easier way the better. Filling in your brows can be complicated if you are not used to it, some would find pencils easier and powder looks natural.

I found this product recently and it became my go to brow filler. IMG_9589

If you take a look at it closely, the lead is angled, making it more easy to draw the brows. It also has a spooly on the other end to blend the product with your brow hair.


If I am not mistaken this is available in several colors. So you can change your brows when you feel like it. It also has a refill but this particular color is always out of stock.

In fairness, this one is affordable too. So for first timer this product won’t break the bank and can last you 3-5 months if used everyday.

Here’s how it looks.

Etude BrowsYou could choose whether you like it thin or thick and of course you can always top it off with a brow mascara to set the products in place.

What’s your go to brow product?


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