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You all know that I am quite busy with work and I really can’t be in front of my computer blogging. The big event is tomorrow although I am not one of the visitors I will be walking around to check and accept orders from my boss, I want to look fabulous.

So I asked Mr. Google and found these.

For my hair:

hair peg

I want to make it messy and full of volume. So this Angelina Jolie hair is my perfect inspiration.

For the makeup:

eye peg

This sparkly shadow on the tear ducts is perfect to open up the eyes. But since this will be a night event I can’t help but to long for classic Smokey.

eye peg2

Shimmery plums that suits every skin tone.

I aim for a long lasting make up all night. I am excited to show you my photos after the event.

Do you have any makeup and hairstyle peg for me??

Tweet me (_sammysamsam) I might not open my disqus tomorrow.

Happy Monday!


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