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I am in a constant search on how to manage my PCOS. If you have read my entries about it from coming off the pill to auriculotherapy, I am all out.

It is true that PCOS can be managed through a change of lifestyle but a naturopath approach won’t hurt. Plus, a massage won’t hurt.

What is Femme Balance Massage?

It is a 90-minute session of Swedish, shiatsu, and foot reflex using a potent blend of Clary Sage, Ylang-Ylang, and Geranium.

A perfect remedy for those experiencing hormonal imbalance — bloating, mood swings, PMS and depression.

Unlike your regular relaxation massages, it focuses on acupressure points known for reproductive health.

The execution

It is best to set an appointment so they can prepare ahead of time. They will ask you to have a hot water bath, sauna, and finish off with a steam bath.


The therapist will then start with the foot reflex (This is so good but could be painful). She will then press the acupressure on your legs followed by a massage on your thighs and buttocks.

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Then they will move on to your tummy – this is quite shocking because not all massage has a stomach massage. So it was my second time and it was painful.

It is tolerable so do not worry. I advise having your last meal 2-3 hours prior to the treatment so it won’t be uncomfortable.

After the stomach massage, they will move to your back for the relaxation. I kudos their therapist because even if it is timed, they focus on your tired areas or oftentimes the parts of your back that have “lamig”. I cannot directly translate it into English. lol

The massage is priced at Php 1,300 and it is worth it as their facilities and therapists were really knowledgeable.

Follow up Treatment

Since my period hasn’t come back since March 2019, they advised me to have this massage treatment weekly alongside the auriculotherapy. Of course, no treatment is complete if you don’t change your lifestyle.

The holistic approach deserved a separate post because it can help not just one illness but your overall health.

Please watch my IGTV for more information @dishysammy.

The succeeding 12 sessions are sponsored by My Z Spa for testimonial purposes. The said partnership will not affect the actual result of my treatment.

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