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It was a late night chit chat with my dad while O-shopping was in the background. He was having a drink with the hubby and I was watching the current product demo.

Simply Fidelia

The Simply Fidelia non-wired brassiere got my attention. One because it is now wired, second it can be used as a sports bra, and even a crop top. It comes in 6 plain colors and two free laced type.

For only Php 1,595 I’ll have free mug and food storage. Who wouldn’t want that?

I don’t have an O-shopping app and I am not used to calling TV Shopping sites. So, I borrowed hubby’s phone and ordered.

The impulsive me ordered another set of bras even after getting new gym clothes.

RETAIL THERAPY is and expensive therapy.

Simply Fidelia O Shopping

The next morning it arrived. How fast eh? Well I have know O-Shopping to have an efficient logistics.

Simply Fidelia Brassiere OShopping

It comes with the following color – black (2), beige (2), pink, taupe, and powder blue.

What I like about it

  • Non wired
  • Free size
  • High quality material
  • No side bulges
  • Gives subtle cleavage
  • Comfortable
  • It feels light
  • Ample support (I am 36 B)
  • Flexible wear – sports bra, undergarment, crop top

What I don’t like

Since it doesn’t come with a hook wearing it like a shirt could be a struggle. It rolls on your back and you need to pull it down to properly fixed.

After washing the pads move arounds and you need to constantly place it properly to cover the breast.


It was a good buy. I’ve been getting items from O-Shopping ever since and their product selection delivers what they demonstrated. I think for its price, quality, and selection – you’ll find yourself comfortable and forget you are wearing a bra.

Leave a comment if you got the same or planning to. I would like to know your thoughts.

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