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Ninja for a day at Ninja Academy Q.C.

Binge watching American Ninja Warriors on Warner TV gave me a hope that I can be a ninja. At the Ninja Academy in Quezon City, my imagination came true. Ninjas are known to be fit and strong, who would not want to be like them?

Since hubby was a ninja fan (Naruto) all his life, when we found out about the trial, we immediately signed up. We were the early birds for the Sunday trial session, but I had no idea that we’ll be the only one to be in the gym.


Ninja Academy Pasig_Circulo Verde

It is located on the second floor of Industria Mall, a new mall in Libis, near Eastwood City. It was a little hard to search for it as some establishment are not yet fully constructed. Luckily a banner was at the end of the hall and we figured it out.

Ninja Academy Pasig_Sam Lanuza Adea

Me before the gory workout. lol

About Ninja Academy

Ninja Academy is the first indoor parkour facility in the country. It opened its door to everyone last 14 March 2014 and was established by the Philippine Parkour Freerunning Association (PPFA).

More than jumping, climbing, and tumbling, Ninja Academy promotes a healthy and active lifestyle through its different types of classes.

Their philosophy is to show people who there are other ways in becoming fit not just going to a regular gym. By practicing Parkour or Freerunning, you will be able to develop skills that could actually save your life in times of trouble and disasters. Throughout the journey, your body will be strong and you’ll be amazed that you’ll have the right physique too.

In Ninja Academy, you will be able to believe that whatever your mind conceive, your body can achieve.

The Purpose

Did you know that Parkour / Freerunning can help your body prepare for certain disasters like a fight, earthquake, and anything that you can think of?

Think about it, if you watch any superhero movie you’ll get what I mean. If there is a danger, you can escape, if there are bad guys chasing you and reached a dead end, you can climb the wall. If there is an earthquake and the walls collapse, you can jump from one place to another to survive.

Once you know the principles, you can do things you thought you can’t, and with the knowledge, you’ll save yourself from injury too.

Ninja Academy Facility

When you enter the massive gym, you’ll get industrial, street feels like ambiance. You will see a wide board in the middle, monkey bars, obstacle blocks, and other useful courses for the practice.

I was not intimidated, but rather excited when I entered. I already imagined myself running and jumping from one block to the other. My inner Kacy Catanzaro flared up and I want to try it asap.

I have no idea that I’ll die in the next few hours. lol

Ninja Academy Pasig_Circulo Verde

Overview of the Gym

Ninja Academy Pasig_Monkey Bars

Monkey Bars

Ninja Academy Pasig_Course

Quad steps

Ninja Academy Pasig_Salmon Ladder

Salmon Ladder

Ninja Academy Pasig_Salmon Ladder

Warp Wall

Ninja Academy Pasig_Salmon Ladder

Cliff Hanger

By the way, the gym is not yet fully finished so there is no restroom at the moment and the changing room has no lock.

My Ninja Academy Experience

Coach Raven called our attention then asked us our goal, mine is losing weight and strength, afterward, he explained what Ninja Fit is all about.

Ninja Academy Pasig_Dishysammy

The view before the workout

After that, he prepared the props and then we started. It started with a minimum speed jog – forward, sideways, backward; increased the speed, then went back to normal. Then we proceeded with dynamic stretches for our joints – arms, knees, head, wrist, and ankle; then we moved on to the warm-up.

I thought the stretches were the warm-up already. 

For the warm-up, we did some, crawling, monkey swings, inchworm, and crawling with push-ups, in all directions. In took time for me because I do not exercise as often as I should anymore. My wrists hurt and I cannot find my rhythm in crawling.

Ninja Academy Pasig_Sam Lanuza Adea

Me on my final stretch of crawling. lol

Actual Exercise Overview

After the warm-up, a basic parkour was introduced. My mind got me cause I am scared that I am going to hurt my self if I jump from one step to the other. Those women in American Ninja Warrior, they must have trained so much to have that strength to do the courses.

Ninja Academy Pasig_Obstacle Course

This is the last station, which I like. After the first round, we did it again this time at a quicker pace. Hubby did a great job, cause he is fearless.  I was able to capture a video of him doing the trial course in 30 seconds. I was too tired to go for another shot.

As of this writing, my shoulders are still sore, maybe because my upper body is really weak. And I hope to work on that.

After our training, Coach Raven din went ahead with his other student to teach. We stayed a little and watch the other group with their warm-up.

Ninja Academy Pasig_Coach Raven

Ninja Academy Classes and Rates

They have Ninja Fit, the weight loss or muscle gain program. You will be able to gain strength and power with Calisthenics and improve agility and endurance with parkour.

Next is Parkour Coaching focusing on natural movements to increase agility and strength.

Finally, Gauntlet, a combination work out of Strength & Conditioning plus Agility & Endurance Training.

Ninja Academy_Membership

Photo via Ninja Academy Website

Ninja Academy_Coaching

Photo via Ninja Academy Website

If you visit the gym you can get discounts.

Do I want to be a Ninja?

Yes, training will make me fit and will help me save my self in times of troubles. Conditioning the mind to think anything is possible opens the possibility to do greater things.

I recommend Ninja Fit for enthusiasts who want to try a different routine and learn a new skill. Hence, If you happen to live near Eastwood and you like a peaceful place to exercise, then the Industria Mall is right for you.

There is an ample parking space too.

Finally, I want to thank Coach Raven for his patience and passion to teach his students. With this trial, I proved myself that I could be better. I really enjoyed my day there and hopefully, I can be back.

Ninja Academy Pasig_Coach Raven_Sam Lanuza Adea

Me and Coach Raven

Watch the video of Kacy on ANW last 2014 and get your ninja inspiration.

Ninja Academy PH
Circulo Verde, 2nd Level Industria, Circulo Verde, Calle Industria, Bagumbayan Libis, QC.
For more information, you may visit their website here.


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