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We’ve seen some wacky looks over the past few years. Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus continue to shock us with their confronting dos. But are these the looks of the future? Probably not. The hairstyles of the future are a fusion of originality and elegance. Sweet, yet unique, sassy, yet demure. Here are five hairstyles of the future.


There’s something about pastels that is both confronting, yet sweet. The soft pinks and blues are able to complement those with either dark or light complexions. At the same time as it screams ‘alternative,’ pastel hair gives of an air of subtle elegance. It’s slowly becoming more and more accepted in mainstream society, and is not the wacky, outrageous look that it was before.

Natural Ginger

Where natural redheads once dyed their hair regularly, the ginger look is slowly becoming more and more sought after. It’s hard to replicate a natural red, but many are trying. The results may not be exactly as ‘real’ as some may have hoped, but has quickly formed a style of its own.


Now I don’t just mean regular old straight hair. The hairstyle that is creeping up and becoming increasingly popular seems to be the straight cut across the bottom. Say goodbye to razors and rough, jagged chops. These days it’s all about precision. Not a hair out of place, the straight, linear cut is do that’s been creeping up on us for some time now.


There’s something about faded hair colour that is becoming all the rage. The drained, gray color that is left behind after a few weeks of bright blue hair, is now a thing of itself. The colourless look can indeed be quite flattering. Those with a lighter complexion look particularly wispy with a drained do.


Apparently regrowth isn’t taboo anymore. In fact, it seems to be a thing. The kids these days are doing all kinds of things with their regrowth, including dying it a completely different colour. Similarly, crazy colored tips are on the rise. It seems that whatever color is the complete opposite of your hair, is the color that you should dye your tips. On long hair, many seems to be dipping the ends in hot pink or blue, and dying as far up as half way up the hair. Tips are no longer the subtle highlights they once were. Styles are changing rapidly – they always have. The next few years are sure to be a mix of colors, shades and rainbows. People are letting themselves go wild with the hair dye, while the cuts seem to be heading back to a more conservative style. There is a huge rise in retro hairstyles from the ‘40s and up, mixed with the modern look of brightly dyed hair. For more information on how to make the most of your locks visit BioTHIK Australia

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