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It’s a 10 day old post. I have been work overload on my day job as I am preparing for our board meeting on May 9 (I am finalizing the report already).


April 24, 2012 – Le boyfriend and I celebrated our 67th month together (woot ♥) so we decided to pig out. We wanted to try Bon Chon Chicken as many of our friends’ statuses is about it but it was an epic fail. I don’t like eating in a restaurant with too many people so we decided to stroll around the mall and find something.

We end up having a pizza party.

We ordered their pizza! pizza! for only Php 199.00

Garlic Gamberi

Meaty overload

Four slices is not bad for our hungry tummy. The crust is thin, I love the onions. The veggies were fresh, the dough was nicely baked. But we did not eat pizza alone.

They have various pastas and salads since the servings were big we ordered this Set 2. The dressing was fantastic I think it was Honey Mustard not Caesar Dressing, I didn’t ask. The bolognese [boh-luh-neez] (I have to search for the pronunciation because the waiter pronounced it as [boh-luh-nyese]) I do not know what is the right one, but it was delicious. I am not a pasta eater but I ate this one so you should try it.

We ordered another dish and this is DEFINITELY a must try.

Baked Cheezy Fries

I have to put the photo in large so that you can see it. It is layer of Bolognese sauce, French Fries, Grated Cheese, and Cheese Spread then baked to perfection you can stop eating it even if it’s hot. My boyfriend is convincing me to imitate this one at home (so I will post my imitation one of these days).

No photo of us because we looked very haggard but since it’s our second time here… I am going to share old photos I took… 🙂


Taste: 5/5

Service: 5/5

Ambiance: 5/5

Price: 5/5

See you on my next food date…



Joey Pepperonni is at Upper Ground Floor, SM City North Edsa – Annex near Savemore 🙂

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