Formal Hairstyles for Short Hair

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Now that I sport a short hair do now I search some hairstyles that I can do to my hair when attending a formal event.

Look #1 : The Sweetheart


Softly curled and pinned half way. This will give your bob a sweetheart effect just like Emma Watsons.

Look #2 : Old Hollywood Glamour

Great Gatsby, 1920s, pin up, this hairstyle will give you that classic polished look.

Look #3 : Rocker Chic

This hairstyle still showcase the cut that you have but with body. This would be the formal version of your bed hair.

Look #4 : Classic Updo

Who says that a short hair can sport an updo? All you have you do is divide your hair into two parts, add volume, and yes, bobby pins.

I will host a masquerade ball next week and I hope I can makeup my mind about my hairstyle.

Can you help me choose?


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