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Hey everyone,

I was not able to blog since Friday because I was force to rest due to my asthma. Sad smileDespite that I was able to paint my face and show it you. My best friend Pam tagged a photo on Facebook of Lily Collins.


She asked me to do this look. You will see Lily’s makeup is more on the Smokey eyes with lots of lashes. She didn’t use much foundation to cover her freckles but she does have good skin. At first, I do not think I could recreate this look as I am not good at recreating celebrity makeups. Plus I do not have full false lashes I only have the demi one. I got the idea of Smokey eyes plus nude lips. So here’s the result.


Am at our kitchen since it’s the only place in our house that has natural lighting (look ate fridge magnets behind). If I had lashes this look would be more dramatic, too bad I don’t have.

Anyways, here are the products I used.

Foundation: Lola Masquerade Tainted Foundation Act II

Concealer:  Ever Bilena Cover Stick in Medium / Elf Concealer Palette

Mascara: Revlon Growluscious Mascara

Eyeliner: Nichido Mineral Pencil Liner

Eyebrow: Revlon Brow Fantasy

I did used blush and bronzer for this but it was diffused.

Lips: Sansan Age Defying Lipstick #01 Thumbs up

For the Eyes, I used this eye shadow.


It’s Shawill Mono Eye Shadow in #01 Thumbs up I bought last Thursday (I will do a haul post for this). I also used my matte white, matte dark brown, and matte black eye shadow to intensify the look.

For the procedure, I finished my eyes first before putting foundation and concealer. I usually do that when making Smokey eyes so that I can clean fall outs afterwards.

  1. I applied my eyelid primer then
  2. Line my upper water line with black eyeliner then
  3. Using a pencil concealer I drew an outline of the cat eyed shadow
  4. I filled the outline using the Shawill eye shadow.
  5. I used the the dark brown to intensify the crease area then
  6. put the black eye shadow on the outer v blending it inwards
  7. I also put some Shawill eye shadow on the lower lash line then
  8. I lined the lower waterline with black pencil liner. The more the better. Open-mouthed smile
  9. and for the upper lash line I dipped my pencil liner to my black liquid liner and lined my eyes accordingly.
  10. I redefined my brows (which I do not like how I did it haha)
  11. I used the matte white shadow to highlight my brow bone then
  12. I curled my lashes and applied mascara


The light here is coming from lampshade in my bedroom. There’s so many shadows casted in this photo compared to the photo above.

And for the rest of the face: Foundation, Concealer, Bronzer, Blush, and Lips.

If I am going out, wearing this makeup I will redefined my brows properly and make sure my blush and bronzer will appear. And OH I will put some false lashes. hahaha

Too far from Lily Collins right? haha

Here are more photos from my phone. Forgive me for the low res photos Smile




I curled my hair by the way (including my bangs). haha

I hope you like this post. I have plot the posts for this week for you to read so stay tune!

Be sure to leave a comment below, ok? I love reading them.


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