FOTD: New Palette & Lip Product


I am feeling so sick that is why I cannot write a review properly.

Yesterday my neutral palette arrived from Doll Face and I have a lot of observation regarding the packaging.

dollface neutral palette

On my way home I dropped by to Starmall Alabang and stroll I spotted the controversial Excel 24 hours lip cream and it’s only Php50.00. I saw it on Facebook and it costs Php80-90.00 so I purchased immediately.

Excel Matte Lip Cream

After dinner I experimented with these new stuff that I got and this is the result.


The falsies from Snoe is to die for it transforms my whole look instantly. I applied the two excel on my lips to get away with the stubborn removing scenario so I have ombre lips here.

I tried to smudge it to test it longevity and look it’s a mess.

I must review these products in the next coming days so stay tuned okay?

I feel I am experiencing over fatigue due to my long distance transportation everyday. I hope my parent will allow me to move back to the city.

Bye for now,


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