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There’s one thing that will never go away in my skin care routine that would be an acne spot corrector. I only use Celeteque and Garnier because it’s the only brand I know that has one. Although I saw pimple patches in Watsons I haven’t try them.

Php229 • Watsons, Mercury Drug, Department Stores • 15 ml
Bought last March 27, 2013

The original Garnier Spot Corrector/Anti-blemish Gel is in tube form. I wonder why they change it to this I prefer the former packaging.

About (from the box)

Anti-imperfection action: Concentrated in purifying salicylic acid, its fresh non-greasy formula quickly dries out imperfection instantly.

Anti-marks fading action: Enriched with HerbaRepair known for its regenerating and repairing properties. It helps to improve skin, minimize redness, and Fade out marks.

Dermatological tested on Asian Acne Prone Skin

Visible Efficacy: *In five hours redness is reduced and in two days imperfections and marks are visibly reduced.
**Self evaluation, 37 subject

Purifying salicylic acid – One of the most efficient anti-bacterial actives. in maximum concentration to help control oil and reduce imperfections.

HerbaRepair – A natural origin active ingredient extracted from blueberry with regenerating and repairing properties for anti-dullness action.

Apply onto and around imperfection and their marks as soon as they appear. Continue application until they have cleared. Avoid eye area.


Garnier_Roll on

From the Outside

The product is contained inside a curvaceous blue tube with a metal roll on. The label is just printed on a clear sticker. All the information is in the box.

I believe that the metal ball gives the cooling sensation.

I don’t like the roll on thing. I feel that the bacteria from my pimple will contaminate the product once I roll it over. I prefer the tube type where I can dispense the product and apply it directly on my zit.

The roll on is perfect in the BB cream though.

From the Inside

It’s colorless. The consistency is almost like serum and the smell is like their facial wash and toner.

My experience

My pimple is just occasional and they are small. Dermatologist call it hormonal acne they just pop out and after some time they are gone leaving me a dark mark (that I really hate)

I don’t prick my pimples to prevent scars so I just put topical treatment like this.

I used two different cameras in these photos. In the ‘then’ photo I used my digital camera in Macro while in the ‘now”’ photo I used my iPad. I want to show that the pimple and the mark was gone (at least for now). I have a pimple now on my chin at least not on my whole face.

This sting a bit especially on open pores. You need to stay in front of the fan until it dries because it does sting.

For me the more I feel the sting the more I define the product to be effective. Haha (sadist)

In 24 hours the pimple was dried out and in three weeks its gone. Unfortunately my pimple keep on popping out from time to time. haha

The Thumbs Up

  • Dries up pimples really fast
  • Does not leave marks
  • Affordable. I’ve been using it for 5 months already.

The Thumbs Down

  • It stings
  • The roll on. I don’t find it hygienic.


  • Best applied after serum/essence and before moisturizer/emollient
  • Best used at night because of its stinging sensation
  • Make sure every product is completely absorbed by the skin before piling another one.
  • Try using their action facial scrub and toner for best results


Wrap Up

This is one of the most effective spot corrector treatment I’ve tried and even though I don’t fancy the roll on thing it doesn’t contribute in doubling my pimple. The sting didn’t bother me and I will definitely repurchase the product. My Php229 went a long way! If all else fails or your pimple got worse consult your dermatologist.

How do you treat your acne?



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