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As work hours varies from time to time most fast food if not 24 hours is now offering breakfast.

I need to leave the house very early and I grab my breakfast when I reach my work vicinity. I am glad that Ortigas food chains are open.

If you are tired of McDonalds and Jollibee breakfast meals then you should try KFC.

At first I don’t like their pancakes with chocolate chips but when I tried their rice meals I fell in love, at least my tummy was happy that morning.


I ordered their fully loaded breakfast, for only P105 you can enjoy two pieces pancake; rice meal with tocino, scrambled egg, and chicken hotdog; and coffee.


I forgot to photograph the pancakes because I reserved it for lunch that day.

It’s funny because all the meal has a chicken on it, well KFC is known for chicken what do we expect.

What makes KFC my favorite now is there coffee.


This is the most delicious coffee I’ve tried even better than Starbucks. I read the coffee machine and it’s Douwe Egberts – one of the leading coffee roasters in the world and a major supplier of coffee systems and accessories for the workplace.

No wonder it tasted like heaven. Sometimes I just want to buy the coffee but I haven’t try if they sell it separately.

I am glad that KFC is now offering breakfast for its consumers. Now we can all have a variety every now and then.

It’s almost lunch this post is making me hungry. Open-mouthed smile

Until my next munch,


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