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My spontaneous blogger bff – Katleya ( then dragged me once again for a Friday getaway. She opted for Tagaytay but we are both sick to commute. So she said dinner only.

We ate for two hours at The Recipe in Edsa Shang rila Mall, forgot to take a photo caused yeah we are busy catching up. Then we decided to get a massage since malls will close on midnight.

We stroll SM Megamall and look for a spa. We chose holistic circle (5F SM Megamall Building A).



I am very discreet whenever I visit spa. I do not take photo of their facility because I believe that they want to keep it exclusive. They have a holiday promo so we chose from there and decided to avail a full body massage with Tens and hot packs.

The place has a Balinese vibe – woods, totem poles, and buddha. Even their textile feels like Bali too. Eya asked if we could be on a same room and luckily they have a room with three beds.

They led us to the locker room (hooray) and then asked us to remove our garments.

The massage is amazing!!! I would say it is the traditional hilot and my masseuse really focused on pressure points where my muscles are really tight and sore.

And then the tens! I know that little apparatus where it sends out positive/negative electrodes to relax the muscles. She also placed a hot pack on my entire back up to buttocks and I was sweating. The effect of hot pack is similar to ventosa.

And then more massage for the legs, stomach, arms, stomach and head.

We felt amazing. The only thing I would comment about Holistic Circle is that they don’t offer a drink after your session.

Our session costs P850 (discounted)

We went to Sexy Detox for our refreshment afterwards.


I love the massage. I felt extremely better and I would love to fall asleep.

You should definitely try their massage. They have great masseuse there. I am coming back!!!


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