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I’ve been to several Korean BBQ restaurants, and I must say Giyummy is my favourite. From its location, price, meat selections, and side dishes, it surpasses all Korean BBQ restaurants I have tried, at least for me.

So I listed down their noticeable and extraordinary customer service technique that you may want to copy (or make a spin-off)

Extra side dishes

Typically, all side dishes are set up on your table as soon as you sit down. With Giyummy, they go around and tell you “Sir, an additional side dish for you”. As a customer, you will feel special, and it may seem that you are getting value for money because they give you an additional side dish to try.

They could have served it together with the other ones, but they are smart to give it in the middle of your meal.

Proactive servers

In a busy restaurant that serves everything unlimited, it could be frustrating to call for waiters attention. Yes, their tables come with a buzzer where your table number will appear on an electronic board.

The servers are impressive, they check on tables even before they buzz for concerns. They replaced your plates and grill, ask for your next meat, refill your side dishes, and also helped you with your grilling.

You will see them always on standby ready to help.

Loyalty card

It is common but still useful. Unlike the coffee shops that give you a planner after some drinks, Giyummy obviously will provide you with a free buffet after ten visits. Who does not want that?

They are the one who actively gives it away as well as asks for it every bill out.

Visible owners

This is not the case for all establishment, but it gives an impression of how dedicated and passionate the owners are. They welcome guests and even served the extra side dishes above.

Not to mention they have a great face recognition because after five visits they recognised us to receive kimbap on the house.

Value for money

If you check the menu, specific meat cuts cost 280 pesos and their all meat unlimited is 499. They serve two kinds of meat at a time, and on an average, you’ll have for 3 – 4 rounds of beef which are already equivalent to 1,000+ add the side dishes, the drink, and the condiment.

Did I mention that you can stay as long as you want too?

I guess I’ll be sticking around with Giyummy to fix my BBQ cravings. Do you know any restaurants that have excellent customer service example?

Let me know below.


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