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photo: thebeautybean

photo: thebeautybean

Eyebrows may not even get noticed in the overall scheme of things. But, that is only when they are perfect.  A beautiful face with perfect brows will make people take a second look at it. On the other hand, eyebrows might look like a blot on the face if not properly groomed.  Eye brows also play a big part in creating different impressions on the others. Dark and thick eyebrows make a person look stern, though he/she may not really be so. Very thin eyebrows lend a look of menace, but in fact he/she may be as meek as a mouse. In short, eyebrows can make or mar a face. It is important, then, to give eyebrows the attention they deserve.

While we have nothing against beauty parlors as a rule, we want to emphasize that you can save some time as well as money by carefully grooming your brows at home if you have a compact vanity unit and basin. You also have the satisfaction of grooming your own look.

Countdown to a Beautiful Brow

You may prefer to pluck your eyebrows or wax. Whatever your preference, you must clean up the brows first. Be patient for a month during which time you must let your brow grow in its natural growth. You can easily shape the brows better when you know how the trajectory takes place. Without worrying too much about costs, get a good pair of tweezers that have either slanted or pointed tips.

You can grip the hair without much hassle when you use these. You must take care in plucking below the brow line. This is in order for the hair to grow back in the natural arch that brows grow. You can shape the bottom by taking the cue from the top of the brow. Always remember that you are dealing with a comparatively small number of hairs and doing away with even a low number of them unnecessarily may spell disaster. We suggest you try Japonesque Artisan Slant Tip Tweezers which will put you back by only $20 or so.


If waxing is what you want to do, you must have powder or pencil handy. First, identify the sparse parts in the brows. Fill the space with power or pencil.  Choose the hairs starting from near the nose and work upwards. You may try Clarins Pro-Palette Eyebrow Kit that comes for $35. Or maybe you would like to try Brow Diva Brow Powder.


Do not attempt to put any make up before you comb your eyebrows into place.

To secure the Hair

Normally one coat should be sufficient, but you may also apply twice if you want your brows to look bolder. Be sure to use g-tip to clear away the smudges. In order to define the brow line, apply the concealer under your brows.

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