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karla_peter_wedding_santa_cruz-27 (1)Marie wants a floral white long dress, a light pink bouquet of tulips and cool photographs.

Melissa wants an antique white short dress, a dark red bouquet of roses and cool photographs.

So what is common for all the brides and not only? Besides that they all wish for a fairy tale and some jealousy from former  high school girlfriends, it’s the cool wedding photographs. The last two can be achieved with the help of some photographers. Marie is from San Francisco so she  would read all the San Francisco Wedding Photography blogs and will get the team or the photographer that fits her and the requirements she has, the better.

Melissa will do the same, in Alaska.

The thing is that the wedding itself sometimes can be  the wedding the bride did not wish for, but the photos do. Well, there is Photoshop  and some tricks and the photographer may not take pictures of everything that is  happening. In the end, the owner of the photos can secretly drop the bad ones and just brag with the good ones on Facebook. So it is always a good idea to have some really nice wedding pictures. In 20 years from the wedding there will be only a few who will remember the event, but most of the people would get the feeling of how it was from a picture. That’s why Marie, Melissa and all the brides and wedding planners out there are hoping for the best when it comes to this subject.

A wedding image is a story that holds hours of getting ready, love and fights, issues and decisions. It all makes the image a perfect imperfection.

A manifestation of emotions plays in front of the camera.  In the wedding photographs you can see  tons  of tears, hundreds of smiles,  hundreds of hugs and thousands of thoughts. But the measure is nothing when it comes to intensity. The intensity of everything that’s happening inside people’s minds, their actions and the results, is mind-blowing. It comes out like a picture, but it means so much to someone and so little to the others.

Weddings are special, not only as a social phenomenon in a society but as an emotion.  If looking from the point of view of the bride’s grandmother, the wedding will lose it all material aspects and will stay as it is in the photos were the bride and the groom hug the trees and walk around the parks, it will be pure and sacred. If looking from the point of view of a mean cousin, let’s say the wedding can lose it’s all moral side and get just like in those pictures where you cannot see well the bride but can see the car that’s borrowed.

People always see what they want to see. That’s why the wedding photographs are special, the pictures give to the  different people, possibility  to see different things if they wish so.

In the end, every single person decides what she wants to see in a wedding, portrait, either it’s love, secret issues, wealth or just what it is a genuine and romantic event.


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