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I get excited whenever I get questions and I really want to give answers. Aside from questions I get from the comments section of my blog, friends send me instant messages and ask away.

I always wanted to talk and explain (argue sometimes)

Here’s one question I got from Ms. Claire Rafols.


She commented on my Lip Gloss be poppin’ post. I wanted to answer the question because most of us have the same problem.

I have a dark line around my lips and my mom said it’s because I used lipstick at a very early age. She’s right I love using her lipsticks and seal letter with a pucker.

Before getting into the solution let’s study the problem.

We were born with kissable lips, what happened? Here are the reasons.

Dry Skin
Lips are special type of skin just like nails and hair (yes they are skin) so if it has layers of dry skin it will look dull and dark. Moisturize and exfoliate, drink plenty of liquids. To moisturize, have a handy lip balm and apply generously several times a day or as needed. To exfoliate, grab a kiddie toothbrush (do not put toothpaste) and brush gently, GENTLY on to your lips. You can also mix olive oil and sugar to make a lip scrub and do it three times week. If your lips are moisturized you will notice a healthy color over time.

Coffee, Tea, & Red Wine
Dark drinks leave stain to our teeth and to our lips too. If we are drinking too much dark drinks the stain will build up. If you (we) are thirsty drink water instead.

This one is classic. Ever since I can comprehend my parents keep on telling me that if I smoke I will have dark lips which is true. I’ve seem people smoking and suffer from dark lips, yellow teeth, much worst bad breath. Quitting smoking is hard but it will not just lighten your lips and it will improve your health too.

Sun Damage
Like I mentioned lips are also part of our skin and when our skin is burnt pretty much our lips too. Find lip products with SPF to prevent further damage. 

Getting our lips back to its original state can be tricky it depends how bad the situation is. I’ve seen lips lightening product in the market like Godiva and I’ve tried it but it doesn’t work. I guess it’s better to see a dermatologist to asses the condition of the lips so they can prescribe right remedies.

Eating a healthy diet can help too and again drink plenty of liquids. As for me I use pigmented lipsticks to change the color of my lips. Sometimes I use a nude lip liner for more a natural look.

If all else fails, just SMILE because the best makeup a girl/lady/woman could wear is her smile.

I will post home remedies in the future to resolve this problem.

Got some tips regarding dark lips? Share them below.


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