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What’s the date today? It’s less than three weeks before the Halloween and I am sure some of you might hitting local and online stores to find a unique costume.

I found an online store which offers costumes and I grabbed random photos from the site which caught my eyes.

Cat Woman Costume Purple

I think this costume is classic and really sexy as Alicia Silverstone really nailed the character years in ago in the the Batman movie. Of course I picked purple this is so me.

Another costume I picked is really weird.


I know it’s purple again but I cannot take my eyes off of this costume. I remember the fat zombie in Left for dead 2. It’s really gory when you shot him. haha

I continued to browse their website and found also this.


PERRY the PLATYPUS. It is $14.99 not bad for a cute novelty item, this is something that I could pick for my nephew. I also saw big bird, grouchy (is that right?) from Sesame Street.

I noticed how the site offers wide array of merchandise. At first I thought they were selling stuff for dance or a mp3 download site because of the gangster font they used for the logo. Browsing at my own pace I noticed that they also sell clothes, bags, jewelries including piercings, more costumes, and adult toys.

They have this pop up warning message where it will prompt that the content may not be suitable for non-adults and you have to choose to proceed if you want to see it.

This is really my first time to browse a one stop online shop.

I am hoping to have one in the Philippines someday.

Again, I am going back to work. Let me know what costumes you saw in this website.




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