Happy, Beautiful, 1st Birthday, Calyxta

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Last December 3, I was invited at Calyxta’s first anniversary.


Their partner brands were there to give makeovers and giveaways, while enjoying the music and great cocktail.


I had my hair done by Tony & Guy, I usually wear messy hair and they had it straight. After that I went to the drawing booth and had myself a line art. There are other booths that I failed to visit as a lot of girls were enjoying their time. So I spent my time with my girls – Bea, Bing, Joyce, & Misha.


About Calyxta

Calyxta is the essence of inside-and-out beauty. The name Calyxta traces its roots from the Greek word Kallistō, which means “she that is most beautiful”. The name perfectly represents the aspirations of the brand – to be and be seen as one who passionately enhances beauty.

Aspirational yet attainable beauty

Beauty is for everyone. And this is what Calyxta wants to show. Calyxta strives to make aspirational beauty more attainable to women everywhere. Calyxta wants to be your beauty-care source and resource community that brings together beauty-involved women bound by one common desire – to look beautiful and actually feel it – true beauty inside and out.

On-line source for beauty care

Calyxta is an on-line and mobile shopping platform that offers beauty-care products that are proven to work in beautifying women and that also provide the best value for money. Calyxta offers meticulously selected cosmetics, skin care and hair care brands that women can easily purchase through a delightful shopping experience.

Beauty resource community

Calyxta is a on-line and off-line community of passionate beauty-involvers exploring, sharing and learning from each other about all things beauty. Calyxta creates and curates engaging and enriching content such as beauty news updates, beauty and skin care tips, ‘How-to’ make up tutorials, branded beauty entertainment videos and product reviews. Calyxta will have forums where beauty involvers can exchange experiences and ideas with peers, beauty experts, stylists and key opinion leaders. Calyxta will also have off-line events that offer a venue for beauty-involvers to gather and dialogue in person.

Calyxta is a truly integrated beauty community portal and e-shop is an idea that women around the country will find compelling and will absolutely love.

So if you can’t wait to explore beauty, visit the authority beauty-care resource and on-line shopping source at www.calyxta.com

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