Haul: New Lipstick + Landmark Brushes+Feeling MUA


I think it was October 18 of this month when I went to Landmark and shop. I was really looking for a berry lipstick because I believe it is suitable for morena skin color. My colleague requested a little paint on her face.

So here’s what I came up with.


While walking I saw that there’s new set of brushes right across the escalator. It is near paper products.


I purchased a blending brush and e/s brush. I noticed that I do not have a decent pair of it so I bought. I like this brush because it ranges from Php50.00 – Php200.00, I haven’t seen their most expensive brush though (I need to double check) but I am pretty sure it will not exceed that range.

I am surprised about the quality that is why I purchased their foundation brush too (last October 22 I think). I used it for my colleagues (I do not use my personal brushes to other people) and the performance was good. I used it to apply primer as well as foundation.

I am going to review these new products soon. I just hope they will have a Fan Brush because it’s the only brush that I do not have.

Sorry for the lazy post as you all know we are still not finish moving in to our new home. All my things are packed and I can’t take pictures as much as I want too.

I am hoping to upload worth reading post for you guys.

To end this post I will show you the look I did for my colleagues. IMG_6357

I used the lipstick above for Jeng (girl on the left). When we reached the hotel we retouched their hair and makeup.


Gorgeous mommas eh? The hair and makeup was more neat compared to the first photo. I will upload a detailed post about what I did on their faces.

What do you think readers?


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