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I am a fan of heels because I am a rolly-polly but with my daily errands of commuting, walking, and event activities wearing heels strain my sole and legs. So thank you for ballet flats!

Unlike before that flat shoes can be so boring and stiff, flat shoes or doll shoes now come in different colors and design. One of the most attractive that I saw in the market now are the SOLEMATE, it is like a soul mate for your sole. It’s attractive because of the promo, buy any two for only 399.75. In its first few months in the market, you will see just neutral colors and plain shoes. Now they come in cool colors –  teal, olive, pink, red; plus they have a printed flats inspired by the music festival.

If you are the tomboy type, they also have flats with laces, it looks like sneakers but soft.

Likes: Affordable. Soft. Versatile, goes with any outfit. Many colors to choose from.

Dislikes: None so far, I hope it last a long time.

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