Have you used Tampons?

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Tampons are not really popular in the Philippines although there are brands being sold in the supermarket, tampons are not really introduced as the number anti-stain product.

I once saw an Sex and the City episode when a stranger asked Carrie if she has tampons. So I want to try it myself.

This has been in my cabinet for two years and I am not sure if I can still use.

But to tell you the truth, I do not want to use it again.


  1. It’s very uncomfortable to insert. You have to relax and open your legs wide. How would you relax if you are inserting something on your vagina, right?
  2. When inside, it feels like that you have a cork inside.
  3. Yes, it will not give you stain and all but what if you push too far and you can’t pull it out again.
  4. You can’t walk properly. You feel something in in your throat.
  5. It cannot stay for four hours or more. You need to change it frequently.
  6. Some articles says that this can poison you. I am not sure if that is true but I won’t wait for that.

The one box I purchased was consumed one day only. I had trial and error trying this and the fact that I am not comfortable I will pull it out after 15 minutes and try my luck again.

I gave up and I was left with three tampons that I haven’t used for more than a year. I placed it inside the Kotex Tin Can I had.

*laughing at myself*

I shall control my curiosity to prevent inconvenience.

Who among you tried tampons? Did you feel as uncomfortable as I am?


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