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At last! After almost three months I can finally share my experience on this skin care product. I featured this so many times if you have seen my Nightly Skin Care Routine {Click here if you haven’t} this what I used.


This set has three bottles (1) Toner P150.00  (2) Essence P250.00  (3) Emulsion P250.00; 50 ml each.

What is Q10?

Also known  as Vitamin Q or Coenzyme Q10, unlike other vitamins, this is found in the body. It energizes, protects, rejuvenates, stimulates, and has anti-oxidant properties. Without these enzyme cells inside our body won’t function.


Toner: Contains the powerful antioxidant Q10 and the whitening benefits of Arbutin.
Direction: After washing, moisten cotton, and swipe on the face and neck.


Essence: Q10 relieves tired and stressed skin and the whitening essence brightens leaving skin naturally clear and flawless. This moisturizing essence balances and controls sebum production which makes it highly soluble and easily absorbed by the skin without that sticky feeling.
Direction: Gently massage onto skin day and night.  IMG_2014

Emulsion: Contains enriched glycerin, which deeply moisturizes without the sticky feeling. It has Q10 which makes the skin smooth and elastic, humectants which deeply moisturize and nourish dry skin and arbutin which clears and whitens skin.
Direction: After essence, smooth on emulsion onto face



The packaging looks elegant, I like the retro print in the box. The bottles are made in glass but I afraid that it will break once I mishandled it. The three of them comes with a silver pump.  It’s easy to pump and it does not clump.


As for the consistency & the scent…

Toner: Very lightweight. No sting or burning sensation. It soothes the skin and it feels like water. It has a very light smell.
Essence: It dries super fast. It has a clean smell. Not sticky and greasy. Even if it’s white, it doesn’t leave any white cast.


Emulsion: Slightly thicker than the essence. I believe this has more moisturizing property compare to the essence. They have the same smell scent. It dries a little bit longer. Not sticky and not greasy at all.



I’ve been using this line for three months every night. I LOVE IT. You’ll see the effect as fast as three days. My skin become brighter, I do not look very tired and dehydrated (though I really am).

My blemishes faded except for my broken capillaries and some dark blotches. Q10 Whitening

I don’t use it in the morning that is why I cannot tell if I will get oily or not. But since it dries really fast and feels so light I might give it try.

The only thing I don’t like is the process because I am a one lazy gal but I shall be industrious to get the desired effect.

The 50ml is too much for three months so even if it will no longer be available in introductory price in the future it is worth the money.  I am even sharing this with my sister and she likes it.

No wonder why Koreans have such beautiful skin; their products are amazing. Thank goodness my skin loves it.

FYI, I use this with Eskinol Facial Wash / Eskinol Toner / Hayan Snail Serum / Hayan Eye Cream

Will I repurchase?


Before I end this post let me share with you this Korean Skincare Routine which will be useful for all of us.

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