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From time to time I see to it that I will engage in activities that will help me burn calories. I admit that I haven’t changed the way I eat but I exert an effort to sweat.

Recently, I tried Crossfit {read my article on Sister Secrets Blog here} and I really liked it. Enrolling myself in a fitness class will cause me a lot of money and as of this moment I don’t have an extra penny to spare. Boo Hoo

Ever since I got out the hospital, the doctor told me that I cannot have strenuous exercise, I have to contradict; my lungs function better if my heart pumps extra faster.

So last July 2013, I purchased a Yoga application on my iPad and I religiously take the cyber class every day. Unfortunately, when I moved in with my brother and my work demanded more time than ever, I seldom practice my poses – my everyday became every other week or whenever possible. *sobs*

I am writing this to encourage myself to get back on track and to use my newly purchased mat.

Before I talk about my Yoga app, let me show you my mat.

Yoga Mat

I bought it in Landmark, Trinoma around PHP400+, it’s purple and it has anti slip properties. It looks like a dining place mat for me. LOL

Yoga Mat_jorex

It is long enough to fit me during a corpse pose and any abdominal workout. The problem is, it rolls back by itself.

On to my Daily Yoga Application. I purchased it for US$19.99, below are the screen caps.

Daily Yoga App

Daily Yoga App_iPad



What I like about this app is, it is easy to use. The instructors are human, it has a voice over and a super relaxing music. I even fell asleep while practicing  the breathing technique and meditation for twelve minutes.

It also has programs in target areas – Yoga for ABS, Yoga for Buttocks, Yoga for back and so on. You can also visit the pose gallery so you can practice them individually before doing the real sequence.

Another great feature is the program where you will commit to putting it in your calendar and do the program – 5×5 ABS, Yoga for Beginners, Slim Down with Yoga, Yogilates. This will discipline you as it will alarm on the time you assigned it.

You will never be alone in your practice as you can share your progress on social media sites as well as mingle with other Yogini.

Throughout the weeks of practicing Yoga, you will notice that each pose improves. I like doing Yoga around 10 PM because I sleep better afterwards. Sometimes I do the Sun Salutation in the morning to perk me up or warm me up for a more intense session.

I am so happy that my pigeon pose looks good and my forward bend improved. I often do the Yoga for Weight Loss I & II and Yoga for Tone Body I & II.

The free version of this app offers Yoga for beginners. It is up to you if you are going to buy the full version.

Here’s a nice infographic on what you can gain from doing Yoga.

Image from Google

I will try to capture my poses and do a follow-up post.

What’s your health regimen?

Do you want me to write about other fitness apps?

Let me know below.



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