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It was a out of nowhere trip. I don’t know what’s got into me to say yes when my officemate ask me to go to Singapore.

Oh well here are the things I did during my 3 days 2 nights stay.

We left Manila October 8 via Cebu Pacific Air 5J 805.


I felt I was Dora during that time, without any knowledge, I didn’t know that MNL-SIN was a 4 hour flight Surprise


The immigration card. hahaha


From the airport we went to Ate Lanie’s house at Sengkang, Rivervale Drive to leave our baggage and we went out to stroll the city. We touched SIN by 6PM, I was amazed by the discipline I wish we have in the Philippines but sad to say we don’t.

The technology there amazed me as well.

Cabs, Buses, and train are interconnected with each other with this one card.


You can have it loaded and you can get around the City without any money in your pocket.


Easy direction you will nver be lost if you know how to read.


Then we visited Marina Bay Sands (where Manny Pacquiao stayed). We did a lot of walking and until now my whole body is aching. I will surely lose weight if I move in there. Big GrinBatting Eyelashes


The Singapore flyer which I didn’t want to take chance of riding because according to them it is boring. Big Grin

Yay! that’s me. Laughing (wearing the XL Shirt and Jacket of babe ♥)

IMG_0065 IMG_0067

We ate this for our dinner, the famous chicken rice. And as much as I want to enjoy the food my tummy just gave me a headache and yes I marked SIN public toilet. Sick


Look I spotted my name on the MRT station.


Here’s the Sam they are talking about.


We went to Mustafa Centre to shop, it’s a 24-hour mall. And just my luck it’d rain and we couldn’t take a cab. CryingI am the most unlucky human being. haha


We went to Nabins afterwards and chill in this cozy place with matching Halal Food, which I found very delicious. It’s 2 in the morning already.

adventurous huh? Rolling on the floor I tried shisha for the first time.


Look it is 4:15 am and I am having some beer. We went home around 5:30 am and took some nap to explore….

IMG_0144 Universal Studios. Wuhoooo!!

IMG_0137 It was easy to go there because of their train express for only SGD 3.


I was stunned and I believe I just went wild by everything I saw around. It was my first true amusement park visit. (I haven’t been to Enchanted Kingdom and Star City here in PH, haha)


The far far away castle where I watched Shrek 4D.

IMG_0194 I met Bumblebee too. Happy

IMG_0193 I rode this roller coaster, they call it Galatica (red track) and I fell in love with the excitement I want more.


One day is not enough to explore the place, I will definitely come back in the future and take more pictures.


Universal is inside Resorts World Sentosa, so we went out and explore Sentosa, to find the Mother Merlion.


I was exhausted at this moment, but still….


I was able to smile. Happy


I ended my day with this Roast Burger from KFC.

I wanted to explore more but I really want to do it with my one and only. I am sure we will enjoy all this stuff together. So I slept dreaming that me and my babe will be in  SIN someday to see the whole country.

I bought him  heart-shaped chocolates.


Supreme Breakfast to start my last day.


it consists of two turkey bacon, two pancakes, sausage, bread, and hash brown. Yummy? yes indeed.


and who am I? without bringing home a new lipstick I got from the airport store. Laughing I got Revlon Matte Lipstick in Stormy Pink for only SGD 7.80


Used the free internet to kill time.


DoraSam is coming back to Manila.


We had a scary flight back, we undergone turbulence. Sad Good thing we got home safe.


I love to collect cloud pictures during my trips and this was my last sight of the sky before landing.

I hope you had fun reading this Happy I only took 290 pictures and I wish I had more.

Complete photos are on my facebook profile:



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