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Every time I eat with the elders they are telling me that dining ware today is not as good and elegant as the dining ware before. They are talking about porcelain – elegant, classic and sturdy.

From mugs, saucers, plates, and cook ware they use porcelain.

**Photos are linked to their original source if you want to check them out**

Mini Heart Plate

Mini Shell Plate

Before it became rampant in the kitchen I’ve seen most of them in decorations. It is called “fine – china” which has a very pleasing color and delicate design. Most of them are table centerpieces or house plant pot. They come in all shapes and sizes.

Unique White Fish Spoon

Lion Head Soup Bowl

I remember in my Asian History class where during the Chinese civilization, different dynasties, different rulers, the porcelain became part of their history. It shows the manufacturing revolution from plain white to printed designs.

When it was introduced by European in a large-scale of market in 17th  Century the people were amazed. Western people even tried to make their own but they failed. They all look classy and shiny yet it’s brittle. Maybe it has something to do with the authentic Soft Paste – Hard Paste – Bone China in the formula or maybe the right baking of the said clay.

Until now only China know how to make world-class porcelain but they are expensive. Well at least from my place they are all fine pieces that you cannot just have them especially the antique ones.

This is the reason most ancestral homes have it stored in a glass cabinet only using it on special occasions.

At home we have around five pieces of porcelain and they look classic.

I hoping to get more of them when I already have my house. Open-mouthed smile As it is very useful and great for baking.

Mini Ramekin

I am planning to make Crème Brule but unfortunately I do not have a torch at home.

I am still very eager to make one so I promise to keep you updated.

I am having my office Christmas Party now so I got to go and take some photos.

I am so excited to cook this Holiday. What is your menu?

Let me know below.

Happy Holidays everyone! Sending you all virtual hugs and kisses.


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