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Hi gals! I am so back! If you are following me on Instagram you’ve seen my feed. I didn’t focus on beauty stuff while I am out on my business trip but I manage to take mirror selfies before going out.

I am still hoping I will have someone to take my OOTD.


Day 1 Ensemble – Red Pencil Skirt, White Crop Top, Black/Pink Heels.

I am battling with my bf to get a crop top because he said it won’t fit me. He said I will look like winnie the pooh. I hope I pulled it off.

Unfortunately my heels broke while going to my first meeting. Argh


This was just three days old. I bought it in Leaveland Trinoma Landmark but look what happened?… *sigh*


Day 2 Ensemble – Red Jersey Dress, Nude Heels

I didn’t notice that I brought red clothes for my three day trip. Haha I packed one day before and I just pulled out clothes that I would comfortable.

Industry friends said this dress looks nice on me.

The other two outfits were really casual and no photo. But I was able to capture my sleepwear.


I got this in Macau last February 2014. It is a silk and it feels amazing. If you have AC in your room it will double the temperature.

Lastly, my bag that I got from Parisian.


It’s a steal, for only PHP499.75 this bag is spacious has long shoulder strap and can stand alone.

The two main pockets separated my personal stuff and meeting paraphernalia.

It feels good to be back.

How is everyone?


P.S. Please visit www.samlanuza.com to read my full adventures.

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