Hooray for Clothes Buffet Season 2

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If you all know I write for Sister Secrets , being one of the partners of Clothes Buffet Season 2, I got the chance to experience it. This year the bag became bigger, the time longer, and the choices wider. I suck at folding the clothes to fit in my bag, but I made sure that I will get the clothes that I really like.

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Clothes Buffet let you enjoy shopping while testing your folding skills. I learned that before going to events like this you need to focus on what you want to get. Since you have limited time and space I suggest to get clothes made with light materials, that way you will be able to fold them smaller. I opt to get dresses and skirts, any clothes with wiring or padding will not fit.

I am happy with what I got, I asked Zia if there’s going to be Clothes Buffet Season 3 and she said HOPEFULLY, better crossed your fingers ladies and save your Christmas Bonus for next year. lol

This was indeed a successful event.


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