How our parents can make us a better person?

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I once read a passage from John Maxwell’s book, and he said that the people around us shape who we are. Our first seven years as a human being is crucial as this is the stage where we program ourselves. Since our parents brought us to life, our upbringing contributes to the majority of us.

You will see if some kids live in a troubled family it manifests in their social behaviour. I am not writing this post to question any parenting style because our style is also a collective sum of our parents’ style from their parents and so on.

As an adult who can decide on their own, the teachings we carried from our parents and surroundings can somehow bring the good in us.

I’ve touched some life aspects and share how my parents (biological and in-laws) affected my life.


I learned that setting a good example to your children can make a significant impact on their behaviour. If you notice some careers are patterned too, if everyone in the family is a doctor or a lawyer, it can influence the path the children want to take.

If I make this complicated some unfulfilled fixation can determine how neat, we are going to be or who are we going to end up with.

On a practical note, nagging your husband or meddling with his business instead of supporting him can damage relationships. Lack of love for yourself or solely focusing on your husband and kids could make you yearn for something you can never have unless you decide to.

Not compromising or rowing the boat together could lead the relationship on the rapids. Not listening and communicating what you really mean leads to seldom fights.

The list could go on because every fight or hugging witnessed by the little ones will make them wish for something like or not like it.


It is a common trend for Filipino families to be obliged and take care of one another. Which means your children become your success story and unintentionally remind them that they are not alive if not for you.

The advancement of the economy and access to information throughout the years gave the younger generation an edge to decide better.

Whether getting insurance and investing as early as 18 or by just being frugal.

The younger generation is wiser to think about their next kin, so their current situation won’t happen again or become better.

Women now are not pegged as everyday housewife anymore. Households consider having a double income, and you get to plan your financial roadmap carefully. It doesn’t matter who earns higher or who should be the provider.

There is also freedom whether you will take the corporate ladder, pursue entrepreneurial aspirations or even freelancing.

Above all else, when it comes to money, there should be respect.


As we reach a certain age, we are fully aware of who we are. We could now better assess whether our upbringing, environment, and partner contribute to our values.

As simple as throwing your garbage on trash cans or just being compassionate. We are in the best position to decide which road to take.

So to answer the title question on how our parents can make us a better person? The answer relies on how you reacted with all the life event that has happened to you. They are the inspiration for us to reach our goals, make them proud, or be their better version.

I believe at the end of the day, our parents love us so much. We may cringe on some ways they act now cause we think we are better, but they are just human like us, not perfect.

Let us take a moment to step back and use our interactions with other humans to enhance us.

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