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It’s funny that DISHYSAMMY returned to its original niche — my diary. My thinking-out-loud thoughts about my life musings. As I look back my entire 2020, I over plan what I do most of the time and keep on ending up procrastinating. 

For 2020, I want to up my game by in control of the things I can control — my actions, my perceptions, my words, my emotions. Gone are the days where I only think as a solo person with own goals and aspiration. 

The best way to do it is to start with a vision board. On a bird’s eye view, my husband and I are pretty much best friends we agree 99% of the time, but the 1% disagreements are much crucial than all positive crossovers we have. 

After moving out, I’ve noticed a lot of things changed. I know it’s a lot because I have never heard him so vocal about intimacy in front of our friends. 

So I asked him to create a vision board with me. What the heck is a vision board? It is basically like a scrapbook (board) of your dreams for the coming year. 

The first time I did, it was out of a sprint, and clearly, I am not focused on what I want to happen earlier this year. So I scrapped my 2019 vision board and will start fresh for this new decade coming. 

How to create your vision board? 

  1. Meditate and visualise a near future. How do you want to end the coming year? What do you want to accomplish?
  2. Get photos from magazines. In our case, we searched images online and printed it. 
  3. Layout the photos according to your priority or desire. 
  4. Permanently paste them to your board, we used illustration board, and add designs if you want. 
  5. Once you are happy with it, you can hang it in a place where you will see it every day. 

You can add a mantra or affirmation to claim all the things you envisioned. 

Here’s our joint vision board for 2020

(Left to right):  

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  1. Gratitude and prayer – we wanted to be closer by praying together. 
  2. Communication – we want to improve our connection as a couple.
  3. Health – we want to commit to being as healthy as possible, especially on food and lifestyle choices. 
  4. Launch – It’s our online portfolio for our freelance gigs.
  5. Financial freedom – since our cost of living increased, we wanted to pay our credit card debts we acquired from 2017. It’s on its 40% completion, and 80% for 2020 will be remarkable. 
  6. Car – This is one liability we want to risk. Our business involves a lot of transportation whenever I will do oculars and actual events. Renting vehicles hurt both OPEX and personal cash flow. 
  7. Ultimately, FAMILY – I never thought I would feel empty after hearing my husband’s wish of a family. In God’s perfect timing, if I surrender, I know it’ll happen soon. (I will write an open letter about this). 

We kept it as SMART as possible. I have yet to attached timeline for items 5 & 6 but claiming these things to come true. I decided to make a blog entry to have virtual accountability to work harder and smarter this year. 

Visual planning, just like lucid dreaming, is helpful in our daily lives as we get to push ourselves to beyond our comfort zone. When we fill our hearts and mind with gratitude and positivity, we will eventually reap all these seeds that we sow. 

I hope you will give this “vision” boarding a try. 

Happy New Year!

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