How To Dress For The Modern Office

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When it comes to office attire, the times have changed dramatically. Smart suits in greys, blacks and navies are now being replaced with uber bright work trousers, structured blazers and daring stilettos.

Try Lots Of Sizes

When it comes to investing in a new working wardrobe, it’s important to try a variety of sizes. Each designer’s size chart is different which means you may find that you are an 8 in one store and a 10 in another.

Make A List
To avoid becoming overwhelmed by the number of in store and online offerings, make a list before you begin your new season wardrobe search. It’s wise to invest in a variety of staple items that can be paired with trousers and skirts, as well as a number of sophisticated accessories. Accessories including jewellery, scarves, bags and hats can instantly change an outfit.

Think Comfort and Style
Office attire is often worn for over eight hours per day which makes practical style imperative. If you wish to wear killer heels in the office, switch them for a cute pair of patent pumps when it comes to running for the tube.

Shop Alone
Many enjoy shopping with friends and family yet when it comes to serious shopping such as buying a new working wardrobe, it’s best to shop alone. This will save you both time and money as you’ll be able to concentrate on exactly what you need.

Don’t Buy For The Sake of Buying
If you’ve spent the majority of the day searching through various brands and styles and still haven’t made a purchase, ignore the urge to buy something for the sake of it – it’s more than likely something you’ll return the next day anyway!

Try Before You Buy

When it comes to investing in a new trend such as the many colourful chino-style shorts and trousers on the market, it’s important to try them on for size and style. Just because they look sophisticated on the model or rail doesn’t mean they’ll look the same on you. There is a style to suit every size and fit available; the key is knowing what suits your body shape.


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