How’s 2019, so far?

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Just almost twenty days after new year, I told myself that I will write often. Truth be told my 2019 is plotted before it even started. Like the usual routine, I see to it that I get to write my goals and this time around apply all the hacks I’ve got from mentors.

If I did one right thing in 2018 is that I associated myself with people that bring out the best in me. I made a conscious choice to avoid toxic people. .

I still have 11 months to figure out my year, so I won’t stress myself too much, but I will stick to my plans as much as I can.


As mentioned in my previous posts, I enrolled in a mentorship program. To start the year right, I had my first coaching call last 03 January while I was running in UP Oval (we’ll talk about my health goals later).

To have a group of individuals who inspire each other is such a saviour. They give you worksheets, reading materials, even leads.

Manila Workshops

manila workshops
Manila Workshops 2019

Good times! When I joined this startup, my goal is to organise events and attend workshops. I love learning and development, so this was the best. For this year, I committed to be more active this year sharing what I know about events and scale it.

I want to share that there is a place where you can learn so your entrepreneurial dreams will come true.

Lego Serious Play

Fullsizeoutput 812
#LegoSeriousPlay by Nina Terol

It was my first time to join a team building, and the activity helped me identify my communication superpowers. I guess you never really know about it until you sit and assess your contribution to an organisation.

I found out that my visual planning is proper and I can execute a project based on company vision.

Vision Boarding

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Vision Board as taught by Nina Terol

This activity is an upgrade from my usual goal setting. I’ve always search Pinterest how a vision board should look like, but I don’t make my own because I am not sure what I want. After attending the workshop of Nina Terol, the things I want in life manifested from the magazine pages I tore.

More workshops

event planing workshop by manila workshops sam ades
16 January 2019 Seminar at Sony Global Services Philippines

This January marked the start of many seminars that I will be doing this year. My first was at Sony Philippines where I taught how to start and event planning business.

I am always nervous to do talks because I do not know whether the crowd will get my silly jokes. Surprisingly, I will have more this here, just teaching aspiring event planners to create better events and do things passionately.

Jogging M-W-F and 90-day transformation

Sam Adea-Jogging

My health goals last year went astray, at first, I was religiously going to the gym but then I got demanding jobs chose sleep over the gym. I even ate canned good every single day.

This year, I do not want to pressure myself. I won’t punish myself if I can’t do my exercise, but I am decided to make careful choices to eat healthier and move.


I guess this what keeps me going. No matter what happens, we just have to dress up, show up, and never give up.

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