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  • Application Solutions for Virgin DHA in Infant Formula Milk Powder Under the New National Standard

XIAMEN, China, April 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — On April 16-17, “Seminar on Infant Formula Perfection, Registration Guidance and Nutritional Ingredients Analysis under the New National Standard” was held online by China Food Industry Productivity Promotion Center and co-organized by Xiamen Huison Biotech Co., Ltd. The seminar gathered leaders of relevant Chinese departments, famous experts, professors and representatives of excellent enterprises.

In order to better meet the nutritional and health needs of Chinese infants, the national food safety standard Infant Formula (GB10765-2021) will be officially implemented on February 22, 2023. In next few years, infant formula will move toward safety standardization and refinement of ingredients, the nutrition is getting closer to breast milk.

Ning Xiaoxiao of Xiamen Huison Biotech Co., Ltd. was invited to attend the seminar, and shared the R&D original intention, R&D process and industrialization cases of virgin DHA dairy products, and finally emphasized on the application solutions of virgin DHA in infant formula milk powder.

R&D Original Intention – Solve the Technical Difficulties of Industry Applications

DHA has the function of assisting to improve vision, memory, heart and cerebral vessels, but DHA is particularly susceptible to its own structure, existence form, temperature, light, oxygen, moisture and pro-oxidation factors, it is highly susceptible to oxidation, rancidity, polymerization, double bond conjugation and other chemical reactions, resulting in the oxidation of DHA oil, thus affecting the function and usable range of DHA.

Keep Exploring New Sources of DHA – No Need for Multiple Processing, With High Antioxidant Stability

Various studies have shown that, in addition to the common fish oil and algae oil that can provide DHA, breast milk is also rich in DHA, which is a natural lactation mechanism unique to mammals, but ruminant dairy products are low in DHA, so infant formula milk powder and children’s dairy products need to add extra DHA as a nutritional supplement.

In order to solve the application problem of externally added DHA, the R&D team of Huison Biotech, inspired by breast milk, further researched and found that the lack of DHA in dairy products is mainly due to the lack of DHA sources in the ruminant’s diet nutrition. Through multi-conditions and multi-factors research and repeated scientific research of “ten years for one”, directed fermented schizochytrium powder HS01 with easier absorption is finally determined to be provided in ruminant diets, which is characterized by rich in DHA and stable content. DHA exists in algae cells, maintaining the natural structure and integrity of the whole cells, without any processing damage to the cells such as wall-breaking extraction, and has passed the safety evaluation (oral toxicity, three genetic toxicity, teratogenicity, etc.) by national authorities.

Virgin DHA – Similar to Breast Milk DHA Source, Virgin Nutrition, Safe and Easy to Absorb

Virgin DHA pure milk, i.e. milk that contains DHA after the cow is milked by ingesting fermented schizochytrium powder HS01. This process is similar to the natural food rich in DHA through dietary supplementation of nursing mothers, which is metabolized by the mother into breast milk fat and exists in the milk fat globule membrane, while the milk fat globule membrane is a natural protective barrier for DHA with a unique oil-in-water emulsification structure, which is unique to mammal milk. By using flow cytometry and gas chromatography for analysis, it was determined that virgin DHA in milk is present in milk fat globule membranes, and its structure and existence form are similar to those of breast milk.

Through stability test, it is found that virgin DHA in pure milk is more stable than the DHA added externally to milk or milk powder, and it does not change the original flavor of milk. Through test and evaluation, the triglyceride structure of SN-2 DHA is also similar to that of breast milk, which is more stable. Through further experiments and intake evaluation, it is found that its absorption effect is indeed better than that of externally added, and is more easily digested and absorbed by the organism. In summary, virgin DHA milk has the characteristics of virgin, nutritional and safe, easy to absorb, no fishy smell and high value-added.

Application Solutions for Virgin DHA in Infant Formula Milk Powder Under the New National Standard

Under the new national standard, the DHA level in infant formula should be higher, but the existing infant formula in the market generally has lower level of DHA than the requirement of new national standard. As experts at the seminar said, there are technical difficulties to continue to increase the amount of externally added DHA, it needs to solve the smell, taste, oxidation stability within shelf life, content stability changes, as well as mixing uniformity, solubility, absorption and other problems.

At present, the industrialized raw milk’s DHA content is 10mg-20mg/100ml. After it becomes whole milk powder through the spray drying process, the virgin DHA content can reach 80mg-160mg/100g, which can be added by infant formula enterprises in proportion to the formula, solving the technical difficulties of external addition of high level of DHA, and making the DHA content in infant formula easily meet the regulatory requirements of new national standard.

Huison Biology – Delivering Health with Technology

Xiamen Huison Biotech Co., Ltd. was established in 2001, which is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on microbial directed fermentation and industrialization of virgin DHA. Huison’s schizochytrium species and high-yield virgin DHA pure milk have been patented by China, USA, Australia and Japan.

Huison’s schizochytrium powder provides industrialized solutions for virgin and organic DHA dairy products, which is the leading patented technology for global industrialization. Huison’s DHA algae oil has passed the EU certification, FDA GRAS certification and US organic certification. It is physically extracted, safe and preferable.

Huison Biotech always adheres to the mission of “Passing health through technology”, focuses on the microbial directed fermentation industry, and is committed to become the leader of natural nutrition and health industry solutions.

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